Possible tournaments 4
Humongous God

1 year ago
Hey guys, this is me speaking. I have been reading from afar for a while now, and my passion has now taken over far too much for me to keep quiet at this point. I have been incredibly intrigued in the fascinating world of Kabuki Warriors; each and every character just provides me with such ecstasy and pleasure from the intricate programming, and I would love to spread this pleasure to my peers. Would any other gentlemen like to partake in a Kabuki Warrior tournament?
Vikram Deepak

1 year ago
Csgo, smash, WoW, minecraft, Cod
Marcel Goodwin

1 year ago
I'm totally willing to run a smash 4 tournament. a Pokémon tournament would also be cool.
Kevin Higgins

1 year ago
If we have a LAN Party what are the possible tournaments?
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